Saturday, August 25, 2012

Carpet love

I had a few hours free from my 3 youngest kids today. How did I use those hours? I cleaned my carpets! I LOVE cleaning my carpets. If I am having a rough day with the kids or are frustrated with something, vacuuming or cleaning the carpets relaxes me. For some, relaxing means a massage or manicure....for me, it's that sound that you hear as the vacuum sucks up the junkies from the rug -or- seeing that stubborn stain disappear. It seems to weird and sad to admit all that. But, I also bought myself a new pair of elastic waist pants the other day that made me really happy. See what having kids does to you? Corey is at the firehouse AGAIN tomorrow (second day in a row). Thank God these kids do such a good job at dirtying the carpets. Something tells me that vacuum is going to be seeing a ton of me tomorrow! 

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