Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Firehouse Day

My husband is a firefighter. It's so fun that the kids are so excited about what he does for a living. I had another little boy in the car once and the firehouse was mentioned for some reason. Nate asked the little boy what his Dad did, to which he replied "um, I don't know". Nate asked him where his Dad worked and again he replied with "I don't know." Nate proceeded to say, with a massive 4yr old smile, "well my Dad is a fireman and he's a hero and sometimes when we're extra good we get to play on the fire trucks with him." So sweet! 

However, do you know what else being married to a firefighter means if you're me? Being left alone for huge chunks of time with 5 kids under 5yrs old. I would love to be all mother-y and politically correct and say something like "oh, it's a challenge!" But, the truth is that it sucks in the worst way something can suck. The kids are like little animals and can smell fear. As soon as Corey walks out that door they all turn and look at me as if to say "put your running shoes on lady, because it's go time!" I'm so serious. 

The boys have mastered the art of B&E...breaking and entering. They can break into a locked room, without making a single sound, and dismantle said room all in about 15 minutes. It is shocking. As I sit here, Claires nightstand is up in my hallway. Why? Because after their chairs were confiscated (because they only ever used them for evil) they learned that the night stand could serve as a step stool to the key for the bathroom. Let me clarify, this key is not out in the open, but hidden BEHIND the crucifix that hangs beside our bedroom door. Once the key finds its way into their hands all hope is lost. 

Today, again in total silence, they transported about 2 gallons of water into Nates bedroom so they could water their toys. Apparently, according to Sean, watering toys will make them grow and sprout new ones. How cute is that?! You know what's not cute though? Trying like mad to clean up the water to try and prevent yet another ceiling leak. 

I'm also super excited that the age of things being left in pockets has started. I currently have a whole huge load of clothes with pink and purple NON washable crayons melted all over it. My one remaining white t-shirt is now ruined...Thank God that the Spider Man shirt was saved though, would really have hated to see that gem go!

There's a laundry list of other holy crap I can't believe you really did that types of things that the kids have done already today. But, as I stated in an earlier post, I am trying to find the positive. So, in the spirit of positivity, I will tell myself that no matter how bad it gets today...It is NOTHING compared to how bad it's going to be next weekend when (gulp) he leaves for over 48 consecutive hours!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh well, should make for some good stories right? 

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